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Stairs of Death Scented Candle 12 oz

Stairs of Death Scented Candle 12 oz

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Our Stairs of Death candle is inspired by Savannah's century's old stone "stairs of death" treacherous walkway that takes brave souls from Bay street down to River street. This is an intriguing and adventurous olfactory experience. Imagine the scent of ancient parchment, leather bound tomes and polished wood reminiscent of a centuries old library. There is an air of mystery and suspense hinting at the hidden secrets within those haunted stacks of books. 

This jar can be repurposed into a storage container or a planter for your favorite plants!

All natural coconut soy wax, hand poured in Savannah. 

Care information

Trim wick to 1/4" prior to lighting. Please enjoy!

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