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Graveyard Ghouls Scented Candle 7 oz

Graveyard Ghouls Scented Candle 7 oz

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Our Graveyard Ghouls scented candle captures the essence of an eerie autumn night. The scent evokes the feeling of wandering through an ancient graveyard under the moonlight, surrounded by secrets and legends. Housed in a dark, gothic-inspired jar with spooky imagery, this candle adds a touch of macabre charm to your decor. Graveyard Ghouls not only fills the room with a hauntingly captivating aroma but also sets a bewitching ambiance, perfect for adding a touch of darkness and intrigue to your autumn evenings. 

This jar can be repurposed into a storage container or a planter for your favorite plants!

All natural coconut soy wax, hand poured in Savannah. 

Care information

Trim wick to 1/4" prior to lighting. Please enjoy!

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